Our structure

AFMA is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by our Financial Markets Members. These Board members are generally CEOs or Heads of Institutional Markets from Australia’s leading financial institutions.

There are a number of committees and teams that advise the Board on their different areas of responsibility. Membership of these committees is prescribed by our Constitution.

  • The Audit & Risk Committee reviews AFMA's audited financial results, risk management plan and delegated authorities.
  • The Remuneration Committee is made up of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Audit & Risk Committee and governs the Remuneration Policy applicable to AFMA's employees.
  • The Secretariat’s Policy Team links the various policy groups and reports to the Board on the management of a range of policy and member service issues.
  • The Market Governance Committee develops market protocols and standards for the efficient running of Australia's financial markets and oversights the work of the Market Committees.
  • The Operations Committee develops standardised operational procedures to ensure the efficiency and integrity of financial operations with and oversights the work of the Operations Committees.
  • The Policy and Business Line Committees are the critical link between AFMA and its members on all policy matters. The Equities Steering Committee represents Australia's major equities brokers.
  • The Learning Committees develop education programs recognised as the industry benchmark in Australia's OTC financial markets.