Our Affiliations

AFMA maintains formal and informal relationships with other local and international industry associations. These affiliations help us to coordinate and focus policy positions on important issues.

Industry relationships

Business Coalition for Tax Reform (BCTR)
AFMA is one of the 21 industry and professional associations that have combined to encourage further reform of the tax system.

Finance Industry Council of Australia (FICA)
AFMA is a founding member of this peak policy body for the finance sector. Through FICA, we maintain cooperative working relationships with other finance sector associations.

International relationships

Asia Securities Forum (ASF)
AFMA is a member of ASF, which represents securities associations in the Asia Pacific region and meets annually to discuss relevant issues. Through ASF, we have established memorandums of understanding with the:

International Capital Markets Association (ICMA)
AFMA is a member of ICMA, a self regulating organisation of the international securities market with rules covering trading, settlement and good market practice.

International Council of Securities Associations (ICSA)
AFMA is one of 15 trade associations from around the world that make up ICSA. We exchange information on issues relevant to international securities markets.

Korea-Australia Financial Investment Forum
The forum's objective is to enhance cooperation in financial services and promote the mutual development of the Australian and Korean capital markets and investment funds industries.