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Continuing Education

Keeping skills and knowledge current

Continuing education helps participants in the financial markets keep their knowledge and skills current. To maintain their accreditation, all members must participate in at least 20 hours of continuing education each year.

The AFMA Accreditation Guidelines outline topics and training methodologies that qualify for continuing education hours.

What qualifies as continuing education?

AFMA offers a flexible and practical series of training options that help you keep on top of your continuing education requirements. These include face-to-face workshops, online training and structured networking events. Completing our qualification programs will also count towards your accumulated continuing education hours.

What is a development pathway?

All of the continuing education programs we offer are mapped to a particular level. These levels enable you to follow a professional development pathway in a given topic area. These levels are:

  • Level 1 – build your knowledge to the level of 'functional awareness'
  • Level 2 – develop interpretive and calculation skills
  • Level 3 – ongoing skills development

Areas of study

Continuing education programs are available across a broad range of topic areas:

  • Electricity
  • Foreign exchange
  • Interest rate markets
  • Regulation & compliance
  • Risk
  • Operations